Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Some much older photos

Taken in MoT Head Office Aurora House on The Terrace in 1976 

Chris Hewitt armed with rental car (our pool cars were not suitable since they had a huge crest on the door and were black and white) and speed gun ready for covert speed checks - a program that still runs today I think but done by contractors.

Speed gun - not so heavy but the battery was a small brick.

"Name" I can't remember but we called him "the bionic man" don't ask me why, Chris Hewitt, Wayne Pettersson and Chris Bishop calibrating the Weighright dynamic weigh bridge (painted yellow) in the Ministry of Works Workshop in the Hutt Valley.
We were testing the bridge on the Hutt Road (Wellington) and later at the Auckland Harbour Bridge near the old toll plaza.  As I recall the four of us had to lift those weights on and off the bridge - possibly more than once. The bridge was transported in its own special trailer.

Chris Hewitt's Auckland Technical assistants during the 1990's
Lisa Kilgour, Marina Palalagi, Sofia Dennison and Joanne Saddington ( transferred to engineers group)

The original crash reduction study done in Auckland

Chris Hewitt's Auckland Technical assistants 1990's
Sofia Dennison, Lisa Kilgour, Marina Palalagi and Susan Tyler.

Wayne Pettersson (my first manager) and John Williams from Research. John was a former English Police officer who taught me a lot on surveys, including how to handbrake turn a V8 Holden Belmont   on Speed Advisory surveys.......