Sunday, 10 July 2016

A gathering ...

On the 22nd August 2010 Wayne Osmers one of our long time colleagues from the Christchurch office (and originally from HQ) died age 56.
I'd been in HQ with Wayne and I still have his Cream de Menthe cheese cake recipe in my very old and tattered flatting days  cook book, it isn't often a cheese cake is so alcoholic is burns on the way down.......

Cal Singh a very long time good buddy of Wayne's (them both having been in HQ together) and long having left the employment of the tax payer decided it would be a good thing to have a gathering of as many of the 1970 and 80's MoT engineers before it was "too late".

This was duly organised in 2011.

Back : Peter Kippenberger, Murray No-one, David White, David Croft, Anatole Sergejew

Front : Keith Bell , Phil Harrison, Steve Southall, Don Houghton, Chris Hewitt, Vadi Vencatachellum, Cal Singh

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