Sunday, 26 June 2016

Dear diary .........the beginning

Where to start when to start ?

Wind back the clock to 1973 a bright eye and bushy tailed 19 year old youngster is looking for a job in Wellington having finished high school and completed one year full time studying Civil Engineering at the Wellington Polytech.

The vocational guidance people organised interviews with a number of government departments, at that time known for their excellent career path structure and more importantly broad training opportunities.

The obvious candidates for someone on a civil path would have to have been the Ministry of Works, with lesser opportunities at the rest of them.

As it happened by good fortune I was sent to see the MoT at that time on The Terrace, ten floors up straddling the Wellington fault line.

There I was introduced by a very enthusiastic young man Wayne Petersson to a field I had never heard of "Traffic Engineering" - one of the civil disciplines but not one covered extensively in NZ at that time.

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